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30 day challenge climbing stairs

30 day stairs challenge

30 day stairs challenge

30 day stairs challenge for You – step out of your comfort zone.

Replace elevator with stairs,  try this comfort zone challenge to build self discipline :)!

30 day stairs challenge would help both your body and mind. You will be glad that you have chosen it.

Challenges are necessary part of progress.

  • There is no self-improvement without challenging ourselves and seeking new opportunities
  • In order to change our life towards what we would like it to be like, we must change our habits
  • Changing all unhealthy habits at once and replacing them with productive once sounds tempting – but it is certainly not the way to go
  • Building self discipline requires a lot of effort and willpower, trying to change all at once requires a lot of energy.  Majority of people would not be able to do it. Failing would discourage you even further. Don’t be hard on yourself and start with achievable goals.

One habit build at the time

30 day stairs challenge for You

  • I don’t want to say that you are like most of people, of course you are very extraordinary
  • Anyway, better one new sure healthy habit than ten of ” maybe habits “
  • I like setting for myself one new challenge every month
  • After a month challenge becomes a habit
  • That means that I don’t have to push myself going on stairs anymore. I can just let myself on autopilot and I will go for stairs without thinking

Brain will help, resist only 30 day challenge

It is amazing that out brains try to automate repetitive activities and make them habitual, so  mind is free for processing more important tasks.

Thus you need to resist only one month, afterwards amount of necessary effort decreases significantly. Isn’t that awesome?

Building of a new habit takes in average from 1 to 3 months

Step out of your comfort zone

Back to challenge of this month –  30 day challenge climbing stairs.

  • Lets try climbing stairs, if you like it ,you can keep it doing it even after 30 day challenge is over.
  • In case you would decide not to continue, stairs climbing will definitely help you building self discipline.

Choose stairs over elevator

  • For  3 months  I am teaching myself stairs self discipline
  • I must admit that I have never had such beautiful legs before
  • Climbing stairs is great for health of joints

30 day challenge – get out of your comfort zone

  • These days most of us have very sedentary lifestyle
  • Choosing stairs gives us a bit more movement that our body so much craves
  • Human body is build for moving, running, collecting – lets give it a bit more than all day couch and chair torture
  • Body does so much for us, lets return favor to our awesome body

One more amazing benefit besides beautiful legs, healthy joints and movement.
Only rarely you will find crowd of people once you choose the staircase.

All staircase just for you – is so much better than crowded elevator :).

Push yourself a bit out of your comfort zonechoose stairs over elevator.

Stair climbing habit will improve your self discipline. You can use it for building more healthy habits.

Burn calories, not the electricity!

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  • 30 day challenge climbing stairs
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    30 day stairs challenge

    Contents30 day stairs challengeChallenges are necessary part of progress.One habit build at the time30 day stairs challenge for YouBrain will help, ...
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