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How to build six pack abs

How to build six pack abs

How do you Build six pack abs?

Lets first see why would anyone want to Build six pack abs

  • Improve posture
  • Get better core stability
  • Better form of standing position
  • Ability to lift and squat easier
  • Noticeably improve strength capabilities
  • Check yourself in mirror and notice that you exercise way nicer
  • Clothes would  stay awesome on you
  • Straightening and Strengthening  spine
  • Reducing chance of back injury caused by lifting

How to build six pack abs

How to build six pack abs

Food and abs relation

Food is most important part of building beautiful six-pack abs.

If you exercise regularly you might have core muscles. But they are not visible due to layer of fat.

In case you need to loose some weight.

Loose weight fast tips:

  • Cut out sugar, honey and limit fruits to handful a day
  • Reduce amount of carbohydrates to minimum
    • carbohydrate examples are potato, rice, paste, bread
  • Eat proteins (meat , eggs or beans with vegetables)
  • Handful of nuts will serve as snack at anytime
  • Workout 3-4 times per week

How long does it take to get a six-pack?

Taken that you improve eating habits and exercise at least 4 times a week.

In six months you can have amazing six-pack abs.

Regular ab routine will help maintaining that nice selfie sixp-pack.

I recommend including them at the beginning of each workout.

In case you are not working out and interested just in six-pack, start exercising your core 10 minutes a day.

Women vs. men six-pack

Women have 8pack and men 10pack, lets see why and how it works.
Worry not, just joking :), we all have 1pack or 6pack.

Types of exercises

When it comes to six-pack, there are 2 basic exercises with a lot of variations.

Crunches for the upper part  and leg raises for lower part of core.
The more variations of exercises, and the more angles you expose your abs to, the better.

For more intense workout add mountain climbers, planks and Russian twists.

These full body exercises are awesome for building strong core.

Can I create beautiful six-pack core at home?

Of course you can :)!  In fact your home kitchen is where it all starts.

You only need carpet or soft surface and about 20 minutes of time.

5-6 types of exercises, 4 reps sets of 15 reps for each.

If you want more massive abs, add some weight to  crunch exercises and decrease amount of reps to 10.

Core muscles are regenerating very quickly and can be trained every day  for quick results.

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