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Mirror addiction Tips 101

Mirror addiction Tips 101

Mirror addiction Tips 101

Let’s  focus on  Mirror addiction Tips 101 in this article.

If you cannot pass the mirror without looking at yourself, you might be in love with yourself.

But if you are like most of people, that is rarely case.

Why we like to stop in-front of mirror yet another time is to think something negative of ourselves?

How often do you pause in-front of mirror just to adore shape of your nose, form of legs, your beautiful eyes or pretty hair?

Mirror addiction Tips 101

More often people stop to remind themselves about part they are not so proud of. This unkind speaking to our bodies is very addictive.

You might find yourself in state of “mirror procrastination“, doing nothing all day but finding mirrors and your faults in it’s reflection.

I have been there and have done a lot of research on this topic.

From mirror to self-awareness

Self-awareness is something humans have. It is absent in most of animals, even in infant kids.

Very easy test of self-awareness is placing  one in-front of a mirror, see if she / he / it recognizes oneself.

A lot of research has been done on this topic.

It reveals that animals such as dolphins, chimpanzee and elephants recognize their own mirror reflection.

Most of kids become self-aware by the second year of their life.

Mirror addiction explained

Why do humans have self-awareness?

If you think of it, mirror mostly brings us negative feelings.

When most people look into it, they focus on own faults and imperfections.

We compare what we see with expectations and standards that we have build for ourselves over years.

Rarely we look into the mirror to give ourselves compliment or to thank our body for what it does for us.

Why humans even have self-awareness then?  Why would nature need people not to be proud of who they are?

Self-awareness is actually  unbelievably amazing  tool once used properly.

It’s function is self-regulation and control. So once we get out of own boundaries, we can realize and start correcting.

Mirror addiction Tips 101

Mirror addiction Tips 101

How to use mirror right?

Look for what you like and praise it. “I look so rested today”, “my legs carry me for X years and do such great job”, ” that nose is of a goddess”.

If only thing you like about yourself is ear, adore your ear then.

Learn to value what you have got and objectively without criticism see what you would like to work on.

Good news is that besides mirror, there is amazing tool of bodybuilding.

It allows you to build your body  in a way you like to have it. Look at parts of body and specific where you would like to shape a little.

Go find exercises for that part and don’t procrastinate in-front of mirror – go sweat a bit. Sweating is cool :).

On that note – you can start right now, right where you are with 4×10 perfect squats.

Mirror addiction Tips 101

Be kind to yourself and try new attitude when looking at yourself.

You will see how self-regulation is a blessing, mirror is amazing tool, when combined with targeted workout, sky is the limit :)!

I hope I managed to get Mirror addiction explained.

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Please let me know in comments about your experience with addictions and mirrors.

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