10 best tips to help your Sleep easily

10 best tips to help your Sleep easily

Despite it might seem like waste of time, sleep is so crucial for people, lets focus on 10 best tips to help your Sleep easily.

Sleep it helps our body and mind recover, so next morning we are ready for another day.

If you are searching for beauty pill, look no further. No cream or pill will get your face what good night sleep provides.

The older we get, the bigger chance that we will have issues with sleep.

There is many reasons to why you cannot sleep.

I have had many people telling me about their sleeping problems that I have build list that probably includes solution to your sleeping issues.

After I have presented them my list of simple but effective advises that I collected over the years, most of people with bad sleep were able to solve sleeping issues and  regained healthy sleep again.

Let me share with you how I am taking care of my sleep. And I do sleep like a baby :).

1.) Don’t take sleep for granted

Try discussing healthy sleep with your colleagues, friends and family. You will probably be surprised by how many people sleep well.

If you are the lucky one, treasure it and take care of your sleep. Protect and prioritize your good sleeping habits. If you hear ” nightshift” , your choice, but night work goes with it’s penalty.

Our bodies and minds work best during day and during night we should be sleeping.

This means that you should not compromise your 7-8 hours of healthy night sleep. Seven to eight hours is how much most of people need to sleep during night.

Only 1% of people is fine with sleeping 6 hours or less per day. Of course you are extraordinary, but there is 99% of chance that you need at least 7 hours of sleep every night :).

2.) Sleeping room / bedroom is only for sleeping

This means that you should not be listening to music, reading books or using any electronics in your bedroom.

You might be using phone alarm function. What I recommend is setting alarm on your phone before entering bedroom.

If you don’t  have the luxury of multiple rooms, dedicate part of room to sleeping only – don’t check your phone or computer while in the bed.

3.) Your body needs sleeping routine

Your body is your best friend helping you for all your life. Give it a bit of respect and set standard ” go to bed time”  that you can keep most of the time.

Same sleeping time every day helps you building sleeping habit and promotes good sleep and might be Solution to your sleeping issues

In ideal situation your alarm should ring 8 hours after you go to sleep.

4.) Sleep or nothing

Inside of each person there is small kid that wants to play. You might like playing computer games or reading books / watching TV / being addicted to facebook or ” you name it”.

When you go to sleep, little child in you will try to see if it can ” go – do what it desires”  and see how you behave.

Don’t allow yourself think that you cannot sleep which means you can use time on your passion instead. Say to your little kid inside ” sleep or nothing” to discipline it.

So if you think that you cannot fall asleep no matter what, then you should choose ” nothing” and stay in bed – keep trying to fall asleep or simply stay.

You will train part of your child after couple of ” nothing” nights. It will learn quickly that there is only sleep or nothing, it will be choosing sleep very soon :).

If you have small kids, you should get them used to ” sleep or nothing”  rule too, they are just like little child in you :).

5.) Quality mattress  and pillow

We spend in bed approximately one third of our life. Investment into comfortable and good quality mattress is worth it, same goes for the pillow if you use one.

6.) Keep your bedding clean 

You should exchange and wash your bedding every 2 weeks. It might sound as it has nothing to do with your quality sleep, but it does help you fall asleep faster.

Clean fresh bed also makes you feel better about yourself. You would offer nice  ” just washed bed” to valuable guests. Well, guess what, you are as valuable as any guess might be :)!

7.) Last meal of the day should be  no less than 2-3 hours before sleep

Your body needs to rest, not be processing food during night, thus if you have issues with falling asleep, make sure you don’t eat at late evening time.

Watching when you have your last meal of the day might be Solution to your sleeping issues.

8.) Sleep is not waste of time

Person who slept less than 6 hours a day has same issue focusing and thinking clearly as slightly drunk person.

Do you want your life to be clear and be the one who is alert and in control? If so, then sleep is not something you should look as something you must do.

It is also something you want to do, since it improves quality of your life, metabolism, sharp mind and happiness.

9.) Maximum quiet and darkness

To ensure that your body gets proper rest, you need to make sure that no noise or lights disturb you.

You can use various earplugs or eye-cover masks if that is really needed for peace and proper sleep conditions.

10.) Coffee and stress

In case you are guilty drinking coffee in the afternoon, you know what to do (or rather what to stop doing :)). One other reason of your trouble to fall asleep might be too much stress.

Try to change what you can in order to eliminate stress in your life. In case you cannot change situation, learn to change your way of looking at it :).

I hope that you have enjoyed my 10 best tips to help your Sleep easily.

Please let me know if you would like to add anything to this list.

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    10 best tips to help your Sleep easily

    Contents10 best tips to help your Sleep easily1.) Don’t take sleep for granted2.) Sleeping room / bedroom is only for sleeping3.) ...
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