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10 Most Important Best UV Protection Tips

10 Most Important Best UV Protection Tips

10 Most Important Best  UV Protection Tips

Since summer is at the door, let me get you ready with these 10 Most Important Best  UV Protection Tips.
Maybe you have seen some vending machine or vitrine with drink in plastic bottle exposed to sun for long time.
Imagine Ultraviolet (UV) sun rays doing damage to your skin.

Wait, wait, what?  This is unacceptable, we want to look young forever.
In this case, lets arm ourselves and protect that awesome skin :).

10 Most Important Best  UV Protection Tips

1.) Use cream with Sun protection factor (SFP) every 2 hours

It might sound like too much of trouble.

But if you would like to give your skin best care, you should apply  sunscreen with highest possible (highest Sun protection factor on creams is 50) protection every 2 hours.

If you are not able to apply new layer of UV protection cream each 2 hours, do it at least several times during day.

2.)  Sunglasses

Buying good sunglasses that limit exposure of your eyes to UV rays is a wise investment.
They might be more expensive, but you can definitely benefit from quality glasses for years to come.
If you care for slowing down aging, sunglasses with high UV protection are a must.

You should opt for darkest possible glass color.

3.)  Hat

Hat might sound ridiculous, but if you spend some time finding fashionable hat, it will spice up your look.
On long run – after 10 summers of wearing hat, your face will look much younger compared to 10 ” hat-less summers” 🙂

10 Most Important Best UV Protection Tips

4.) Umbrella with UV protection factor

If you have visited Japan, you could notice many elegant ladies with umbrellas on not rainy day.
These umbrellas often serve both purposes. They protect from rain and also shield you from harmful UV rays.
If you really want to protect your skin and eyes, carrying small “sun”  umbrella in a bag is something you will not regret.
Umbrellas with UV protection block over 90% of UV rays, this way you can prevent early aging and avoid formation of wrinkles.

5.)  Cover clothes

One Russian saying says something like ” Heat doesn’t break bones”.

Russian people would say that during hot summer – when they imagine ” real cold winter”.

You can choose light and  breathable material and at the same time cover hands and legs from sun exposure.
If you have clothes from real wool, wool would make you warm when it is cold and it will chill you when you are hot.
This is good advice  I have received from owner of a fashion boutique.

6.)  No outdoor during peek hours 10:00 – 16:00

Ultraviolet rays are most harmful during these hours as you perhaps know from your mom.
This doesn’t mean that you should live in your bunker for duration of spring and summer or stop doing outdoor sport.
Just keep it in mind and don’t overexpose yourself to the sun that might be harmful.
In moderate doze sun is a good source of Vitamin D. Thus “everything in moderate portion” is a good rule.

7.)  Hydration

You can imagine that people are like flowers and trees. We need to get our doze of water to keep life and beauty.
Since warm weather promotes sweating, hydration of body will help you maintain energy during the day.

8.) Simply stay in the shadow

nest of 10 Most Important Best  UV Protection Tips is really simple, but effective.
Being tent might make you look attractive.

But exposure to the sun is also main cause of skin cancer.
Your choice of course. Also UVA and UVB sun-rays make you age faster. Thus finding shadow is a service to your youth.

10 Most Important Best UV Protection Tips

10 Most Important Best UV Protection Tips

9.) Water and sand reflect UV rays

Many people like to just lie on the sand and listen to the sea or play beach volleyball.
If you are warm-lover, remember to apply good Water resistant (some labeling might say waterproof :)) sunscreen and get your sunglasses on at least :).

10.) Check Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  UV index

EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is site or application that will help you with ” UV forecast “.
With all the tips above, it is worth knowing when to shield yourself with all you can :).

10 Most Important Best UV Protection Tips







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