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16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

Weight training  brings so many benefits that I am amazed not everyone is Lifting Weights.

Many people think that it is not for them, but for all the muscle-heads in the gym. If you are one of these people, this is where I want to tell you that it is for you too.

No matter how much out of shape body you might be, no matter how unhealthy diet do you have, Your body does so much for you.

Lets take care of it, I am sure that you will enjoy to get it a bit of muscle, attention and confidence coming from knowing that any shirt stays great on you.

If you are not doing Weight training yet,  please bear with me and do it for yourself. Lets do some weight trainings to become awesome.

You should start where you are with what you have available. No need  for membership most expensive gym in the city.

Do what you can with resources you have at hand, most important is simply to start.

If you only manage to keep Your schedule and lift weights manually, I can promise that you will not regret it.

Here is my list of 10 Reasons Why You should Lift Weights

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

1.) Loose Weight Fast


Did you know that lifting Weights can get your heart pumping as much as any cardio?

When doing cardio exercises for loosing weight, you loose muscle mass as well.   It might sound good to you, but being skinny is not the same as look awesome.

To look good you need to shape your body.

Weights Lifting helps you maintain your muscles while you also loose weight much faster compared to only doing cardio exercises alone.

Little fun fact : after we reach age of 30 years we loose up to 10% of our muscle mass every decade.

Let’s take care of  our awesome body muscles and let them evolve since they got so much potential.

To look good and to feel good, you should utilize and exhaust your muscles to keep body in good shape.

The fastest way to loose weight is combination of 3 factors. Cardio, Weight Lifting and nutritious food containing mostly vegetables and proteins.

You definitely want to exclude sugars and carbs while getting into your ideal weight.

2.) Improve Immunity

When you are doing your Strength weight training, the  cells are under stress.

This is good physical stress, that we should not worry about. It helps your body get stronger and resist more.

Next time when there is cold season and just everyone around you is sneezing, you will feel like superman or feel and look like woman 🙂.

I have tested this on my own skin and got it confirmed by couple of fitness enthusiasts too.

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

3.) Become more Productive

Research shows that people who exercise in the morning are 15% more productive.

When you have had your morning exercise or gym session, you are also more sociable and active.

Bored, boring and slow employees is not really what employers want.

Plus think about it, when you are more productive, you manage to do more work and feel better about yourself and your job.

This has direct impact on how happy you feel. Happiness comes from within (but this is long theme that deserves it’s own article) :).

4.) Build Resistance

Strength training stresses body and muscles and causes them to become stronger and more immune.

Thus the more often you stress your muscles, the more they try to resist. The natural reaction for muscles is to fight stress you put on them in form of weight by growing.

Once your muscles grow, they feel ready for stress you put on them and that is not stressful or challenging anymore once your body gets used to it.

This is when you become more resistant. When you want to keep doing progress, you need to increase weight or number of repetitions in set, so you will keep muscle stressed.

Muscle stress is good and helps your body become stronger. Make sure that whenever you lift, number of weights doesn’t impact your form.

No matter what, your form should look good. Once you cannot keep it, that should be your last repetition.

5.) Look Younger

How can you look younger you ask? We don’t have magic wound to really reverse aging.

So noone will really change number of years we are around.

That doesn’t mean we cannot do anything and need to  remain sad victims of aging.

We have always got options and anything can always get better.

How can we look younger than we really are? The answer is Metabolic or Biological age.

This is indicator of how well your metabolism works and how your body age is, despite of real age being different.

You can use many of smart weights or online calculators to find out what is your biological age.

6.) Shape Your Body

By lifting weights, you shape your muscles which define the way you keep your body mass.

This is how your posture is predefined.

When you get used to exercise with proper form, your body posture will improve along with training.

7.) Reduce Stress

Like any other activity that requires your full focus, workout and heavy lifting (or not heavy – your choice :))

helps your mind fully focus on task at hand.

Many professional athletes agree with full focus being build stone for great progress at gym. You can of course think of what you need to buy in grocery shop,

but if you are serious about gym and getting into shape or improving your health, you will definitely focus on your exercise.

Playing video games is also a great way to reduce stress. For more info please check this amazing article.

This will help you relax and realize that there are other important things than ” whatever is cause of your stress” in life.

One of them being your health. It must be you who takes care of your own physical and mental health, since no one else gets anything out of it.

8.) Build Confidence

With your body evolving and improving, you will notice that you carry yourself differently. People will be looking at you with “oh, I wish I had such body” look.

You will see yourself in mirror 

and notice improvement. I am sure that if you are like anyone who I know who did start with weight training, you will get whole load of compliments.

Perhaps some random people on the street will want to get your number or will just give you “I adore you” look.

Whatever it is, your confidence will definitely grow once you start your strength training.

9.) Improve Self-Discipline

There are plenty of people I know who go to gym just because it helps them be focused on their goals.

Gym is not giving immediate results, but what is?

10.) Live Longer

Research shows that lifting weights significantly reduces chances of diabetes, stroke and cancer.

These are common causes of death. We can improve our life span and help lowering probability of global common preventable diseases.

Keep moving, just don’t stop” is advice that most of  people who live for over 100 years would give you. Thus wait no longer, find convenient way to move or lift weights and complete your workout.

11.) Become part of community of passionate people

Getting to gym couple of hours per week is not that easy as it might seem.  It is too cold or it is too warm, or too early, too late.

People can find unbelievable amount of excuses just so they don’t have to get out of their comfort zone.

I am sure that you know at least one person who has bought yearly membership to gym and went to exercise only couple of times.

Sounds familiar? There are countless stories of this type. It is much easier just to sit on couch and watch Netflix.

But this is not what people full of life do. Passionate people get engaged into activities, they need to move, challenge themselves, they are interesting and interested in things.

Gym is full of such people. Those who want to make themselves better, who want to look and feel good, people thriving to become awesome.

Getting membership at gym just for community of active sport people is totally worth it.

People get influenced very easily, surround yourself by people who you consider having good influence on you :)!

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

12.) Review and improve your eating habits

Once you start lifting weights, your eating habits will need  a revision. This is something that will come naturally, no need to push yourself much into eating healthy.

You will start seeing progress and fall in love with your own body. The way you fell is addictive too. Weight training will give you more energy and you will feel less tired.

Taking it to next level is just logical step. Once you respect and love your body, you will just not accept to feed it with junk food.

Say hello to delicious healthy food, say bye bye to processed food and fast food unhealthy eateries.

This is “new healthier and better you” that weight lifting and gym will bring you.

13.) Drink more water

Whenever you are taking break between exercise sets, water would be one thing your body demands.

When performing gym workout, body gets dehydrated fairly quickly. Reason is that it needs to concentrate all efforts at task at hand.

Moreover, when you exercise seriously, you will notice sweating and dehydration (after all – towel is one of ” gym outfit essentials” ). In order to give body energy it needs to continue lifting workout, water is crucial.

You should never run short of water when you work out at gym. Thus make sure to take really big bottle of water, whenever possible, choose healthy plastic bottle.

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

14.) Eat more Protein

Our hair and skin consists from big part from protein. Protein is also the building material for muscle growth and recovery.

Once you increase amount of protein in your food, you will notice decrease in hair falling and improvement in quality of your skin.

If you are doing your gym training regularly, protein is absolutely necessary to keep your body evolving and gaining more fat replaced by muscle.

Sometimes it feels like all you hear in gym is ” protein” , but it is pretty viral and once you get serious about your weight lifting, you will increase your protein intake.

It might take you longer, but this will happen naturally with no effort.

15.) Sleep better

Research proves that those who do weights training regularly (at least 3 times per week) significantly improve quality of their sleep.

In case you have issues with sleep and nothing else helps. Try going to gym and exhausting yourself. You will sleep like a baby again and your sleeping problems will vanish very quickly.

Body uses sleep for regeneration, that is why the more you exercise, the more your body will demand healthy sleep, so it has time to recover.

The easiest way to notice that you really exercised well and are tired is amount of dreams you have.

When you have a lot of dreams in short time, mostly they will be really different from what you usually dream, you really are tired.

16.) Get more  men  attention  / women attention

16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

I know what you must be thinking now. ” Did you have to keep me reading all this never ending article and mention most crucial point of interest at the end only?”

Yes I did :P! This is something where only patient get rewarded.

No matter if you are single, in relationship or married, interested in relationship or not. We all need attention and one from opposite pole is crucial for making us feel like man / woman.

Based on how people look and react to us, we know whether we are doing well or not. It is similar to facebook likes which we often so much desire.

Likes and attention help us validate that we are doing something right.

No matter how confident, rich and powerful you might be, you are a human and humans are social creatures seeking approval of others.

How do you get promised attention by raising weights? I am sure you have guessed it already.

By raising weights you sculpt  your body. Your posture and movements naturally become more attractive, better shaped, you will gain sexy body.

As result you will become more noticed by opposite pole. One step closer to becoming awesome :).

P.S: Expect article about ” how to lift weights 101″ appearing on  become-awesome.

Please let me know in comments about your experience with weight lifting and how do You benefit from it.

You can also  send me Your become awesome story to . Best Stories will be published in Awesome Stories :).







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    16 Reasons To Start Weight Training

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