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3 Awesome Low Carb Healthy Snack Ideas

3 Awesome Low Carb Healthy Snack Ideas

These 3 Awesome Low Carb Healthy Snack Ideas are easy to prepare & easy to love.

Go for one of these instead of opening bag of chips, you will thank yourself tomorrow. Or day after tomorrow :)!

If you want to eat healthy, you should be eating every 2-3 hours.

This not only improves your metabolism, but also helps you maintain stable energy level during day.

What are snacks and why would you want them to be healthy?

Snacks are small meals that we eat between main courses as lunch, dinner, breakfast.

Become awesome site is all about you becoming your better self.

What you eat determines health of your body more than anything else.

Do you want to become awesome? You need to eat awesome.

Why Healthy Low carb healthy snacks?

Some might ask what are carbs. It is short for carbohydrates, which are foods that we often have as side-dishes.

Carbohydrate foods are for example potatoes, rice, pasta, pastry

Many people try to eat food that helps weight loss.

Carbohydrates are very important for your body and muscle growth.

But if you are trying to loose weight or maintain your current weight, have carbs only for breakfast.

You surely wonder if we will be adding sugar into healthy snack ideas. No, not today :).

Easy to prepare, easy to love healthy fitness snacks

1.) Nuts & Dry fruit mix

Awesome nutritious clean snack. Nuts give your body plenty of vitamins, proteins, minerals and good fats.

Did I mention that nuts are amazing for your hair? If pretty hair is your priority, check this amazing natural hair mask.

Mix can include Cashew, Almonds, walnuts, Brazilian nuts, Hazelnut.

For dry fruits you can use raisins, apples, mango or any type of berries, I like using Goji berries.

Whenever possible, go for organic raw nuts and fruits.

Remember, this is only snack, 3 table spoons of nuts with 1 table spoon of dry fruits is moderate portion for one.

2.) Cucumber or avocado with Nori

Nori is japanese seaweed that is rich in proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber.

It is very light snack and goes perfectly with cucumber. Get rid of cucumber skin, cut it into slices – finger-size is perfect.

Cut Nori into small pieces and wrap Nori it around cucumber slices.

Instead of cucumber you can use avocado, that is really good healthy snack combination too.

Avocado has healthy fats.

You can also do reverse,  wrap nori in cucumber.

There are many variations of this simple delicious fitness snack.

It makes delicious healthy fitness snack. 4-6 pieces is sufficient for one person snacking :).

3.) Egg muffins with vegetables

Eggs are one of most healthy protein reach source. One egg has approximately 6 grams of protein.

Protein muffins with vegetables make delicious snack. It will definitely postpone hunger for a while.

How to: Mix 4-6 eggs with salt and pepper.

Slice some vegetables into muffin forms –  silicon once are in particularly easy to use.

Examples of what you can use mushrooms, peppers, cherry-tomatoes, peas, onion, zucchini, spinach, broccoli.

Add some herbs like Basil, Oregano or even green onion.

Pour egg mixture over your veggies, put it into oven on medium temperature for around 20-25 minutes.

Egg muffins are very tasty hot or cold.

1- 2 muffins are sufficient for one time snack.

Have such easy Low Carb Healthy Snack Ideas always at hand. It will be easier to resist temptation of opening that chips bag.

Remember, you are what you eat :). Love yourself, eat awesome to become awesome.

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    3 Awesome Low Carb Healthy Snack Ideas

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