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3 Essential Beauty and Health Drinks

3 Essential Beauty and Health Drinks

Since summer has started, i would like to share with you 3 Essential Beauty and Health Drinks.

I am sure that you have  no doubt about how essential is water for our body and well-being.

Hydration is of extreme importance when it comes to healthy habits and lifestyle.

We often drink beverages that bring more harm than good to our body. You might say that everything that is healthy is not tasty.

Lets challenge that and take a look at 3 delicious drinks that will keep you hydrated, healthy and all of this with low amount of sugar.

3 Essential Beauty and Health Drinks

1.) Magic water

As per my grandma, what I am going to tell you is essential beauty secret. It lays in routinely drinking  so called magic water.

Now, you must wonder what that is and how do you prepare it :).

Secret of magic water is actually very simple, rules are as follows:

  • it should be first thing you drink in the morning
  • amount of magic water should be 0,3 – 0,5 ml – any amount in this range that works for you
  • Recipe (mix all these ingredients together and drink it):
    • Glass of clean water (filtrated if needed – you can use Brita or any alternative)
    • Juice from half of lemon
    • One spoon (any size you like) of honey
  • magic lies in doing this first thing every morning


  • Your metabolism is started as soon as you wake up  (your body will start burning calories)
  • Lemon is great source of Vitamin C which is better energy source than any energy drink
  • Honey will help boosting your immunity

2.) Match tea

This is Japanese delicious tea that can be served cold or warm. It is very soft powder from tea leaf and has dark green color.


Thanks to soft powder, it is prepared as instant drink – just mix with water.

You can add honey and lemon if you like. Many people prefer it plain and it is extremely refreshing during summer with couple of ice-cubes. 


  • Matcha tea improves metabolism with 30-40% and helps calorie burn
  • There are no chemicals or add-on, it is simply tea leaf
  • It is reach in anti-oxidants and helps you stay young and beautiful 🙂

3.) Fruit infused water

This is delicious natural water, which is best drink ever, but less boring :).


  • Water and ice
  • fruits of your choice, for example:
    • peach
    • grapes
    • apple
    • orange
    • lemon
    • berries


  • Only natural low sugar (from fruits)
  • Here you can really find artist in yourself and create a masterpiece
  • No chemicals
  • Very refreshing
  •  Vitamins and minerals from fruits

I hope that next time you consider some sugar bomb drink, you will do the right choice :).

It might be hard at the beginning, but nothing good comes in life without effort.

In case it does to you – please share recipe :).

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