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Cardio 101 - 30 minute cardio workout

Cardio 101 – 30 minute cardio workout

Cardio 101 – 30 minute cardio workout

Cardio 101 – 30 minute cardio workout.  Cardiovascular training are very dynamic type of exercises that raise your heartbeat and promote weight loss.

Examples of cardio exercises include simple movements like running, jumping, dancing, kickboxing and sport activities that involve quick movement.

If you want to burn fat fast, but still healthy. You need to go in cardio exercises direction.
Combination of cardio and strength training, plus proper diet is extremely efficient for loosing weight.

Why is cardio necessary, benefits of cardio exercises:

  •  Cardio serves as awesome warmup
  •  Improve metabolism for the rest of the day
  • Fat burn is most common reason for people seeking cardio exercises
  • To keep up with cardio movements, you breathe more intense and get more oxygen into your blood, this helps preserving youth of your body longer
  • Raise heart rate and physical stress resistance
  • Joints strength and health improvement

When to do cardio exercises?

Whenever you can, choose morning.

In morning hours your willpower is strongest, which will help ensuring you finish your cardio mission :), also you will set up fat burn for the rest of the day.
Cardio exercises are great pre-workout warmup training.
Before you start your routine training workout, you can start with 5-20 minutes of cardio.
Amount of time depends on how heavy do you plan to train. If your aim is to loose weight, have 15- 20 minute cardio workout.

If you are trying to grow muscle mass, 5 minutes is all you need to warm up your body. Your body is now ready for 30 minute workout to improve strength.
After regular training, you can do sprint for extra fat burn effect. It is enough to sprint for 30 seconds at maximum speed. Be careful on treadmill, it is recommended to keep handles and jump with your legs on sides at the end of sprint. So you can comfortably stop machine and no need to slow down – this is about sprint at maximum speed.

# How do you know it works?

  • You sweat a lot
  • Heartbeat increase
  • You feel it next day 🙂
  • If you do cardio abs workout, it works when abs start burning

How long should take your cardio training?

  • 2 minutes at fast speed, 3 minutes at slower pace, 3 x 5 minutes this way (15 minutes cardio workout)
  • Sprint is 30 seconds exercise only as described above
  • 30 minute cardio workout should be your highest daily limit

Cardio motivation

  • Spend time imagining how you will look when getting your desired weight
  • Doing cardio regularly helps you building discipline, which helps you in all aspects of your life
  • Reward yourself with non-food item 🙂

What heartbeat to aim for when doing cardio?

To find ideal answer, you can check pulse table, based on 2 factors : age and weight, pulse might be low, moderate or high.
You can see the ideal cardio pulse printed out on gym equipment.

Most gym cardio machines have pulse measurement build-in, so you don’t need to have any external tool.

Prepare for cardio workout:

  • Have a big bottle of clear water ready
  • Clean towel at hand, if you do cardio right, you will need it 🙂
  • Fitness clothes that breathe
  • Plan in advance what exercise and for how long you will perform

* Tip: to stress muscles even more, try changing intensity during your cardio workout.
Good example for effective cardio is running 2 minutes at fast speed, then 3 minutes at average level, repeat 3 times (3×5 minutes)

# Cardio 101 – 30 minute cardio workout

List of Simple, yet  extremely efficient Cardio Exercises.

I recommend picking up 3-5 of below effective  30 minute cardio workout

  • Jumping jacks
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Treadmill
  • Jumping rope
  • High knees
  • Mountain climbers
  • But kicks
  • Soft box jump (if you have soft, in case you don’t be careful)
  • Burpees
  • Plank Jacks
  • Sprint at the end of workout – there is no sweeter desert than this for your workout :).
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  • Cardio 101 - 30 minute cardio workout
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    Cardio 101 – 30 minute cardio workout

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