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Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats

Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats

Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats

Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats

Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats? First lets define what is squat and why should you care to do it perfectly? Video or picture is better than a thousands of words, so lets get one for warmup :).

katrin_shok ( Instagram ID for Ekaterina Shokhina) has a great example of perfect squats + some extra leg exercises.

Squats are full body exercise that you should be doing at least 2 times a week if you are serious about having strong, healthy and beautiful legs.  You can look at doing perfect squats as most important ingredient of “leg day ” 🙂

Why should you do squats?

  • Almost no equipment is necessary – you can do squat exercises anywhere, anytime
  • Shape  lower part of your body
  • It is best leg exercise for both genders
  • Wanna look great in stretched pants and leggings (there is also men version of that :P)? Squats are what you are looking for!

Benefits of squats

  • Loose weight and gain muscle
  • Basic exercise for forming perfect legs and backside
  • Keep your joints healthy and happy
  • Balanced body look – especially important for men – since they hate leg-days

OK, you caught me – I will do squats – how many perfect squats do you want from me?

  • there is no perfect number, but last 2-3 should be hard going – but still maintaining nice form 🙂
    • form is what you have seen in how to squat video if you remember
  • Lets speak numbers – I normally do 4 times 20 (you can do 4 times 10 – 30)
  • You need to rest between  40 – 90 seconds between

How to do perfect squats –  technique – get  benefits of squats much quicker

  • Place your arms in front, parallel to the ground, maintain your back straight
  • Feet shoulder width slightly turned outside
  • Knees should never ever go over your toes – this is most important body weight squat rule
  • Try to go as down as you can, but remember your knees
    • If you are not able to go below your knees, just keep practicing, you will loosen up and get there over the time
  • When returning to standing position, imagine that you are pulled up by top of your head
  • Weight should be on sights of your legs
    • If you keep weight on the heels, you might loose balance
  • Remember proper breathing – breath out when you get up, breath in when you get down
  • When you get back to standing position, contract the backside muscles – this helps getting results faster

Famous, most efficient types of squats

I will not bore you with details, pictures speak for themselves.

In case you need more details, please let me know in comments below. I will be more than happy to write about what you are interested in.

1.) Body-Weight Squat

This is basic squat exercise. Master above written technique before you move on to other squat types.

2.) Sumo squat with kettle-bell

Legs apart in squat exercises shape inner leg muscles. This is trouble area for many women,

but worry not, we got a fix :).

Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats

3.) Split Squat

It takes time to master this one since it involves balance too.

If you barely breathe afterwards, you are not the only one :).

Split squat muscles are working out greatly your backside.

4.) Two bench squat

And this is where Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats gets more interesting :).

Please ensure that you have stable support and take light weight for the beginning.

You can use benches or two Bosu, if you don’t have any of it.

Prepare 2 dumbbell plates instead – you will not be that high, but it works well.

5.) Dumbbell  squat

Same as Body-Weight Squat, only get dumbbells.

If you don’t have any home – you can use 2 plastic water bottles – just not empty please :P.

6.) Bosu squat

prepare for shaking legs.

Take it to next level by turning Bosu upside down.

7.) TRX Squat

Engage more  muscles using TRX. It helps squats being deeper.

8.) Smith machine squat

You need to stay straight and put one leg  behind. Front knee should not to over the toe – just like in any other squat exercise.

Now you are expert on How to do perfect squats, lets put it into practice.

Squats are awesome. I hope you have enjoyed my Great Tips for How to do 8 Best types of Squats

Try it yourself, you will definitely see great progress.

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