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Stop boredom food craving tips

Healthy snack tips for Weight loss

Healthy snack tips for Weight loss

Healthy snack tips for Weight loss

Awesome Healthy Tips to stop Your food craving – this  doesn’t mean you need to stay hungry.

But overeating due to  boredom or stress is not what you want for your body.

You might know the feeling mostly from Christmas period or vacation time.

When fridge is full of all the tasty food, you are not hungry but keep returning to that delicious food that is ready and waiting for you.

Should I throw that delicious food to garbage?

Sometimes you rather stuff yourself with excess food since it is pity for good meal to become a waste.

But there are so many other options you have.

Any of these will definitely get you closer to becoming awesome:

  • Put the food into freezer if it is about to expire

    • It will be ready when you need it quickly 🙂
    • No waste, no regrets
  • Invite friends and family to lunch or dinner

    • all will be happy they don’t have to cook
    • atmosphere of eating in company is so much better than eating alone – never eat alone ;)!
  • Take delicious meal you have, pack it nicely and go find some homeless person who is really hungry

    • you will feel good about making someone happy
    • this is perhaps nicest way of taking care of yourself and others

How to stop these stress cravings and boredom caused food cravings?

These are easy tricks we can use to Stop boredom food craving tips

We can split these tips into 2 parts. One is related to food and assumes it is no later than dinner time.

Second category is what to do after you have had your dinner already and plan bedtime in 2-3 hours.

Awesome Healthy Tips to stop Your food craving

Stop food cravings before dinner – discipline eating

Remember, we speak here about boredom and stress caused food cravings. Don’t skip your normal meals.

Don’t stay hungry, eat smart.

  • Serve your food as nicely as you just can

    • do same you would do for your most precious guests
    • you have definitely seen pictures of nicely arranged meal – time to put it into practice 🙂
    • If food is arranged as it would be in fancy restaurant, you will feel as you are in one and eat with manners
      • We all know what is the portion of food in very fancy restaurants – focus on beautiful serving, not amount of food
      • Dress nicely for it – take care of yourself – look good, eat good
  • Plate you prepared is your maximum serving amount, add not more after it is empty

    • Make sure you don’t go for second serving, fancy restaurant atmosphere, remember?
  • Eat whatever you have mood for – but go for very small amount

    • Not even most caloric cake will do you harm if you eat small seldom portion of it
    • Food that your body desires is something you need to give to your body. If you don’t you risk breaking out and overeating very same thing your body asks for.
    • Easy amount guideline :
      • Contains sugar -> 1 teaspoon (chocolate, cake, ice-cream)
      • No sugar           -> 2-3 tablespoons (meat, side dishes, vegetables)
      • Bigger amount -> only after workout when you burn what you are gonna eat in advance 🙂
    • You can try some of these easy healthy fitness snacks
  • Pause in the middle, feel the taste

    • People eating due to being bored or stressed don’t eat for taste but it is rather mechanical food eating
    • Enjoy your food, stop to think of how delicious it is, appreciate it – you will need less if you learn to appreciate when you have it
  • Get protein drink in case you are exercising and drinking protein full drinks

    • It often tastes excellent
    • No artificial sugar added, low calorie value
    • Protein is great for muscle rebuild, your skin, hair and nails

Stop food cravings after dinner – wait till breakfast 🙂

Build your discipline and habit. It takes couple of months to build new habit. Make sure you teach your body not to eat 2-3 hours before sleep.

If you eat shortly before sleep, your organism will be busy processing food instead of focusing fully on rest

  • Drink a lot

    • This is easy trick to make your body think it is full of food
    • Water has 0 calories, but treat yourself with water with squeezed lemon or orange
  • Brush your teeth

    • Your body has learned in years that after teeth brushing – sleep is what follows
    • Body should stop expecting food soon and cravings should stop
  • Aroma therapy

    • Candle or essential oil with smells you like will make you feel you ate already
    • Smell of orange is great in making you forget boredom food cravings
    • You can add 15 drops of essential oil into 3 table spoons of milk and add it into your bath
  • Go to sleep

    • You will get more rest and not overeat, sounds awesome 🙂

Good morning, I hope you have found useful my Stop boredom food craving tips :).

Please share with me your recommendations for Best  Healthy snack tips for Weight loss.






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