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Natural anti-cellulite peeling

Natural anti-cellulite peeling

Natural anti-cellulite peeling

I use only one peeling – effective Natural anti-cellulite peeling.

It is really   effective natural anti-cellulite peeling that really does the trick.

If you have cellulite or only want to prevent it or only want soft baby skin, you must try this.

Those who know me perhaps noticed that I always choose natural products whenever possible.

Perhaps you have heard that the less ingredients your product has, the better, this anti-cellulite peeling has only 3 of them.

Natural anti-cellulite peeling

Natural anti-cellulite peeling

So what does Natural anti-cellulite peeling consists of and how to prepare it?

Most important ingredient is coconut oil, if you can go for organic one.

This will ensure hydration of your skin along with making your skin smooth and soft.

For preparing Natural anti-cellulite peeling you will need 2 – 3 table spoons of coconut oil.


Next in line is coffee, you can use any ground coffee beans powder.


Caffeine from your coffee powder will energize your skin and give your skin anti-cellulite kick.

It will also soothe your skin and serves as base of getting you closer to velvet skin.

Did I mention that it also smells delicious? You can add 1 table spoon of coffee to coconut oil.

Third component of Natural anti-cellulite peeling is optional, it is 2-3 drops of essential oil.

If you want to get extra efficient body peeling, go for anti-cellulite essential oil as:

Grapefruit , Cinnamon, or Hazelnut Essential Oil.

But you can use any type  you have – this will help getting soft and perfect skin.

You can skip essential oil if you don’t have any, your natural body peeling will still be great.


Where and how to use your natural peeling paste

I recommend using this peeling for legs from knees until waist.  These are most vulnerable cellulite areas.

Apply our natural body peeling paste on wet skin.

Massage your legs well to increase blood circulation that prevents cellulite and helps softening your skin.

For better anti-cellulite effect use contrast shower afterwards. This will help your blood circulating even better,

which is essential for fighting cellulite.


Your body will be soft, hydrated and skin will get healthier look after this natural skin hydration remedy.

This coffee body peeling can be used once or twice a week.

Studio shot of nude woman with knees up to chest

Would you like to get better results?

Give me  4 times 10 squats before and after application of most wonderful coffee peeling.


To accompany your awesome skin with awesome hair,  reward your hair with best natural hair growth mask.

After taking care of yourself and helping your skin look great, you deserve getting more than only smell of coffee :).



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