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Best Henna paste TIPS You must try

Best Henna paste TIPS You must try

Best Henna paste TIPS You must try.

Let me tell you what I know about mixing perfect henna paste.  Once a month I have special couple of hours when I get into hair color alchemy.
I am coloring my hair for over 16 years with same product and every year I get more compliments about how shiny, healthy and beautiful it looks.
It must be hard to believe that, but there really is a color that makes hair nicer on short as well as long run.

The magic is called : henna, totally natural powder made from leaves of plant, used for centuries by women as hair mask and color too.

You can use henna with no color to strengthen it. Yes, there is such a thing :)!

Best Henna paste TIPS You must try

Best Henna paste TIPS You must try

Over the years I have been searching for best way to prepare my own Perfect henna paste and I have spend countless hours finding and testing new recipes.

Most of hair saloons would not be doing application of this color, since it is time consuming,

bear with me and don’t let this to discourage you, thus it is really useful to master art yourself.

Lets get to secret formula for preparing Perfect henna paste, shall we?

To prepare your Perfect henna paste, you will need:
– first things first – henna – approximately 150 grams will be sufficient no matter how long your hair is

 – half of lemon – this is secret ingredient that adds shine to your pretty hair color

couple of drops of any essential oil

essential oilPerfect Henna Mix

– rubber gloves
food foil – if you are taking care of your hair, you need to have this home all the time 🙂
old shirt
warm cap – winter cap from wool is perfect for this
– little bit of thick face cream

– Choose your henna in bio shop – make sure it contains nothing but 100% henna to get only best for yourself
– I am buying 500 grams package and it is sufficient for 3 applications, my hair is almost waste long
– To choose really good essential oil, go for smell you like (it might be citrus, any flowers or herbs, for me there is nothing that smells better than Star anise), it will lift your mood for next couple of days
– prepare pillow case that can get a bit of color on it – so either darker one or something you don’t mind getting colored – I warned you :)!


Best Henna paste TIPS You must try

Best Henna paste TIPS You must try

 What henna can and cannot do:
result color is individual for different hair colors and highly depends on your original hair color – but henna is “red-ish”
don’t expect henna to be able to lighten your hair, if you have got a dark hair colors or brown hair color – you will get pretty hair colors and add some shine and a bit of red into it
– it is not working well on chemically colored hair (chemical colors are also not doing their best of henna colored hair)
– you might get a bit drier hair than you are used tobut you will get increased volume as compensation (I recommend # oil masks at least once a month)
– only after couple of times you will notice your hair growing thicker, healthier and  having more shine

How to:

1.\ Use thick cream for your forehead and rest of face
– this is safety measure preventing henna from coloring your face 🙂

Henna hair


2.\ Prepare your perfect henna paste – you need to apply it while very warm
– put henna powder into bowl that is not metal – you can use glass or ceramic, add juice from half of fresh lemon, add 5-10 drops of essential oil you chose
– now is the time to get your gloves on and add very warm water – it is enough to use one from the sink – no need to boil it on your henna and mix it with hands
– you are looking for consistency of tooth paste :O)

3.\ Application of your perfect henna paste
apply while warm – massage it into your head – first apply to the ends of your hair, then use remaining henna for all length of hair – stripe after stripe
– at the end – when there is no henna left, try massaging your head, making sure every part is covered

4.\ Letting it cook – get ready for  your new hair color
– now is time to wrap your hair in food foil (I like to take my ears out – so I can use them :), put warm cap on top of it
– Henna works best while warm
– let it for 2 hours, I have heard of and tried various time estimations, many of them option for 12 and more hours, believe me, 2 hours does the trick

5.\ Wash it out
– you will need to wash henna for a while, try to do most of washing without using shampoo
– only when water is clean and there is no henna anymore, use a bit of organic shampoo
– try not to use shampoo for a week after henna application, slight amount of natural one is ok

6.\ Use darker towel for drying your hair

Please notice hair volume you have got for next couple of days and enjoy it.
I would usually spend way more time in-front of mirror a week after coloring.

Also I touch my pretty hair much more frequently – just because it feels so good and beautiful.
Once on natural sun, everyone will notice your hair due to healthy shine.


Perfect Henna Mix

This is not as easy as using chemical colors, but it is most wonderful color you can get,
it improves quality of your hair and adds fire into it.

Since I have started applying my perfect henna paste, I got enormous amount of beautiful hair compliments.
Give henna chance to show you best hair color ideas for yourself :).
Since I have tried it for first time I knew I am in love with Henna.


Perfect Henna Mix

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