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Sugar body scrub

Sugar body scrub

Sugar body scrub

Let me share with you simple recipe for sugar body scrub that ensures soft and beautiful skin.

This awesome  sugar body scrub serves also a great Anti-cellulite body care

Scrubs help blood circulation and soften body skin.

You should be using some sort of scrub or peeling at least once a week.

Recently I have wrote article about amazing coconut-coffee peeling.

I like exchanging these two, preparing my own peeling paste is a nice and relaxing experience.

Plus I appreciate knowing that my product has nothing but beneficial ingredients in it.

What you will need?

There are only couple of ingredients. Most probably you have got them home – I do at anytime :).

For one portion you will need:

  • 4 table spoons of sugar
  • Coconut oil to cover sugar
    • if you just can, go for organic coconut oil. This will bring maximum benefit
  • Essential oil – 3 drops
    • For anti-cellulite effect and amazing smell I recommend 1 drop of cinnamon , 2 drops of orange essential oil
  • 1 full table spoon of honey
    • This will help elasticity of your skin, it also propagates sweating, thus eliminates toxins from your body

Mix all ingredients together and your natural sugar body scrub is ready.

How to apply this peeling for maximum effect?

  • Take a shower – preferably contrast one ending with warm
  • Apply your natural sugar body scrub from bottom of legs upwards
  • Massage your skin thoughtfully in order to improve blood circulation
  • Wash down with massage gloves
  • Get yet another contrast shower – this time finish with cold water

How often do you need to use scrub?

Once, maximum twice per week is recommendation. If your skin is sensitive, use peeling only for legs and avoid hands and core part.

You need to give it a try and see results for yourself.

Like any other recipe, everyone finds perfect match and amount  of ingredients.

Coconut oil contains vitamin A and vitamin E that are great antioxidants – these serve for skin anti-aging. campaign.

You need to smell and experience result of this peeling. I hope you will find it as beneficial as I do.

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  • Sugar body scrub
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    Sugar body scrub

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