How You can change Your life - Willpower tips

How to be successful – Secret to Success

How to be successful – Secret to  Success

How to be successful – Secret to Success

What do you say about changing Your life to  ultimate success?

After a lot of reading and research about success, I have found this one success recipe for myself.

I am really happy to share it and fulfill scope of all Become Awesome website.

My scope is to make sure that :

  • Build Yourself (or find Yourself, Find who You are)
  • How to Become Better
  • Know your desires
  • What makes you happy
  • How You can Become Awesome


If you would like to change Your life , there is one thing that can help you more than anything.

It has been proven by research that  2 most important personal qualities  that determine how successful you will be.

This means that if two factors are highly impacting whether you will have  good life, where you succeed or need improvement.

1.) First factor  – Intelligence Quotient:

First success determinant   is your IQ ( intelligence quotient), which you cannot increase too much.

You might have come across games for IQ improvement, But there is no scientific evidence to prove they work.

IQ is very much predefined already and despite possibility of changes, there is only little you can do.

Good news is that most of successful people don’t have extraordinary intelligence.

They often don’t have elite education too.

What is this secret recipe for success then? They simply  ” want more” , ” want stronger” , ” want with all their existence”

Which leads us to next success factor  for How You can change Your life – Willpower tips.


2.) Second Success Factor – Willpower:

I would like to focus on Second success factor   in this Become Awesome tutorial.

You might ask: ” So, How can I be successful just by wanting something?”

Luckily we can work on cultivating willpower and correcting our destiny by growing willpower and self discipline.

It is ” Willpower” that determines most of your future.


Willpower versus IQ:

Willpower is what proved to be a better predictor of school degrees than IQ.

Self control is more important than IQ since it changes so many things.

Willpower is engine of self-motivation.

You can call Willpower as well the desire, fascination, never satisfied hunger.

Strong desire to succeed is moving power of most of human achievements.

Willpower and self-discipline are strongly connected. For example – if you really, really want something, you are able to learn to ” play by the rules”.

Discipline are rules that will help your desire to get satisfied. Only till next one is ahead of you.


Willpower in school

Students with higher discipline would typically start working on their home assignments sooner.

They would spend more time on tasks assigned by teacher than in-front of TV.

The reason behind might be subject of home assignment, but it can be as well something very different.

Desire might be related to wanting to look very knowledgeable in front of classmates, teacher or colleagues.


Benefits of willpower

People with better self control have lower rate of divorces, they are more emotionally stable.

You can also observe that people with higher willpower are less prone to  many other issues.

They would typically not have issues with anxiety, paranoia, drinking disorders, overeating, depressions and even problems related to teeth.

Reason is a that when you are disciplined, you  brush teeth regularly and for recommended amount of time – which is 2 minutes :)).


How to be successful - Secret to Success

How to be successful – Secret to Success

More about Benefits of Willpower

Willpower can help you resist desires and overcome urge to react immediately.

Especially today , when You cannot focus and have problem with paying attention, being present in the moment.

No wonder, just look around Yourself. more  distractions than ever try to get Your attention.

Willpower is extremely valuable today, paying full attention to people, being present in current situation is rare and valued.


Human willpower

What is important to remember is that humans are masters of willpower compared  to  any other living organisms.

Just imagine a dog sitting next to dining table. Dogs have unbelievable patience when it comes to waiting for possibility to get some food from dining people.

You are better, Yes, You are !

People have  have highest amount of willpower and resistance to temptations in the morning hours.


We have only one pool of willpower and we use it for everything:  resistance of buying something sweet while at shop as well as working on crucial assignment for school.

In practical world this would mean that it is always better to have only one big goal at the time instead of multiple.


How to use willpower?

You should use Self-discipline pool primarily for Your most important task. Also ” Eat that frog first” as Brian Tracy likes to say.

Work on Your Most important assignment first thing in the morning if possible. Otherwise you are risking never completing Your work on it.

I hope that this article will motivate you to work on your self discipline and bring you closer to your goal.


How to be successful - Secret to Success

How to be successful – Secret to Success


Please let me know in comments about your experience with willpower and How to be successful – Secret to Success.

I will be glad if You send me Your Become Awesome story to admin@become-awesome.com

Best Become Awesome Stories will be published on this blog along with Your picture.

It can be ” before and after gym” , ” before and after <anything that changed your life> ” or only ” after :).

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